<I> This nice P6-picture was shot by the Belgian Paul Dene</I>
This nice P6-picture was shot by the Belgian Paul Dene

More P6 Extras for the P6


This model was introduced in 1963 and the last car was sold in 1977
It was made in five different motormodels, the Rover 2000SC, the 2000TC, The Rover 2200SC and 2200TC, and the Rover 3500.
The model got a substantial external facelift in 1971.
In 1964 the Rover 2000 was elected Car of the Year in Europe.
There were at leat 248.959 fourcylinder cars manufactured and sold during the years, as well as 80.107 cars with the V8-engine.
In 1968 the price for a Rover 2000SC was 22.700 SKR on the street in Sweden, while a Swedish Volvo cost 20.000 SKR.

A very special P6 was built by the end of the production time - the VIP. It was basically a U.K. spec. 3500 auto fitted with all available extras i.e. boot mount spare, aircondition, rear seatbelts, radio, power steering. They were available in Brasilia Brown (30 cars) or Platinum Silver (47 cars - these were the only metalic painted P6:ies ever!) paintwork - colours later used on the SD1. The VIP-cars were painted in the line that was built for SD1-production and tested with these cars.
The interior was standard P6 box-pleat seats, but covered in 'Nutmeg' brown velour - also from the SD1. The headliner was material instead of PVC, and they all had light brown'Huntsman' vinyl roof covering. It was really using up the remaining V8 P6 parts (The 2200 remained in production for a further year.) The cars were sold through normal dealerships, but there was never any sales literature and they all sold very quickly.
2 VIP cars were built as pilots in June 1975, 25 were built in February and March 19976 and 50 in April and May 1976. (Figures according to James Taylor.)

Here are the production-figures for the P6-models.

Some extras for the P6 model.

(and some other models)

P6 roofrack The P6 boot-sparewheel Modern roofrack Modern roofrack Roofrack Wooden steering wheel Luggage carrier Luggage carrier With luggage case Wooden gearknob Bright door handle finisher Bulbkit Bulbkit

<I>A nice looking 3500 in a Londonstreet in November 1996 </I>
A nice looking 3500 in a Londonstreet in November 1996

Specifications all models:

Wheelbase: 2.63 m
Track, front: 1.35 m
Track, rear: 1.33 m
Overall length: 4.57 m
Overall width: 1.68 m
Overall height: 1.38 m
Ground clearance: 0.17 m
Max boot capacity: 0.46 m/3
Turning circle: 9.6 m
Petrol tank, 2000: 55 litres
Petrol tank, 3500: 68 litres
Weight, 2000SC: 1.237 kg
Weight, 2000TC: 1.247 kg
Weight, 3500: 1.298 kg

Specifications 2000SC engine:

4 cylinders, bore: 85.7 mm, stroke: 85.7 mm, cubic capacity: 1978 c.c, compression ratio: 9:1, B.H.P (DIN): 91 at 5.200 rev/min, torque (DIN): 15.4 Mkg at 2.750 rev/min. Single S.U. carburettor.

Specifications 2000TC engine:

4 cylinders, bore: 85.7 mm, stroke: 85.7 mm, cubic capacity: 1978 c.c, compression ratio: 10:1, B.H.P (DIN): 113.5 at 5.500 rev/min, torque (DIN): 17.4 Mkg at 3.500 rev/min. Twin S.U. HS8 carburettors.

Specifications 3500 V8 engine:

8 cylinders, bore: 88.9 mm, stroke: 71.12 mm, cubic capacity: 3.528 c.c, compression ratio: 10.5:1, B.H.P (DIN): 146 at 5.000 rev/min, torque (DIN): 27.8 Mkg at 2.500 rev/min. Twin S.U. carburettors.


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Tata buys Land Rover and the Roverbrand

In March 2008 the heavily indebted Ford Company sold their British prestigious carmakers Jaguar and Land Rover along with the Rover Brand, the Daimler brand and the Lanchester brand.

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