Italian P6

<I>This P6BS from 1974 belongs to Matt in Milan, Italy</I>
This P6BS from 1974 belongs to Matt in Milan, Italy

My p6 is a 74 italian car fitted with very rare sliding steel sunroof and air conditioning (70's aftermarket).
I purchased it in 94 as it was a very low mileage example and i wanted to use it as everyday transport. I made very long trips as it was very fast and comfortable. And i can say it was reliable too since the gearbox broke. I made a five speed conversion but now i can say that i preferred the old one.
In summer 98 the engine was running very hot and coolant always blew off (new rad and water pump where no use). Jammed in Milan traffic one head gasket blown.
I made the work myself. New tappets new everything but after 1000 km. a conrod collapsed. Probably it was tired.
So i needed a new engine. Rimmer bros. provided a FAST 3.5 sd1. Big mistake.
1 kg of oil for 100 km from new is not for Rover V8, probably it's better for Trabant and the warranty is something you can never trust in, especially if you live outside GB. After 3000 km. The temperature was always hot so one very special composite head gasket blown.
Blue and white smoke. I was very upset so the car lied in my garage since then.
Surely you can understand that I cannot see my beloved p6 dusting there with an almost new engine under the bonnet.
Now i think it's time for revenge. I will strip the engine.
Just for your pleasure a list of part that I've purchased for my rover: (not complete because it's too long)
clutch muster slave, brake discs, Koni shock absorbers, radiator, water pump, Lumenition ignition kit, stiffened springs front and rear (sold as police springs but I'm sure they are not) Carburettors rebuilding kit, water and brakes hoses, facet electric fuel pump, complete exhaust system, one manifold (it broke), Sd1 5 speed gearbox and all the parts needed (i've plenty of information about this "not very easy" conversion), new used final drive.
New "not very fast" engine and mallory distributor. And much more. She's a real moneysucker!
Matt in Milan


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Den israeliske konstnären Ron Arrard stöpte om P6-stolen till modern konst. Paul Vissers har gjort ett bord av en Rover V8-motor.

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