P6 1969

In 1994 Karl-Gustaf Krantz, from Gothenburg in Sweden, bought this P5B från 1969. Then it had been on the road for about 6850 km!
The car was sold new in France, which can be seen by some details, as the yellow headlamps for instance.
Now Karl-Gustafs wife use the car as an every day transport and now, summer 1997, it's been running about 34 000 km, and it's still in excellent original shape.

Karl-Gustaf have exchanged the "french" horns to more powerful red ones, as seen in the lower right. The front with Interior in excellent condition


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Tata buys Land Rover and the Roverbrand

In March 2008 the heavily indebted Ford Company sold their British prestigious carmakers Jaguar and Land Rover along with the Rover Brand, the Daimler brand and the Lanchester brand.

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