Rover sparkplugs

The correct plugs are Champion N8 but these are now pretty scarce nowadays.
Good replacement is N5 - don't use extended nose N9Y as the nose gets clouted by a valve.
The problem is if you go to a factor and ask for N8 they will give you N9Y as Champion list them as the replacement.

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Rover paint and interior colours

Original colours for your Rover can be obtained from Glasurit, Rover's original factory supplier.
You can find out at their web-site and this is the way to do it:
- Click on the link Glasurit
- Select manufacturer: Rover
- Select the color name
- Click on Start Search
- Now you see the hit right in the middle of the page. Click on the color name there
- It probably gives one paint line only: Glasurit 22. Click on the paint line name
- It probably gives one option only: Standard. Click on that text
Now you get a new page with the formula and a number of options to calculate formula amounts for car part and size.
Now, whether DuPont or others can translate/cross-reference from a competitor - Glasurit formula - I do not know. I was completely satisfied with being able to get the original color from the original supplier. They even sent it so I had it the day after calling them.

Other paintsources
You can also get the paint from Mike or Jim

Listing thanks to David Williamson and Glen Wilson.

P4 - Rover - exterior colours

(including year of manufacture)

Storm Grey1961-62
Smoke Grey1963-64
Medium Grey1961-62
Dove Grey1952-60
Shadow Green1959-62
Rush Green1959-61
Pine Green1962-64
Pale Green1958
Light Green1952-54
Lakeside Green1950-51
Jupiter Green1963-64
Connaught Green1951-21
Light Brown1959-60
Heather Brown1959-60
Stone Grey1963-64
Slate Grey1961-62
French Grey1956-58
Dark Grey1952-58
Marine Grey1963-64
Light Grey1959-60
Steel Blue1963-64
Smoke Blue1955-58
Royal Blue1961
Pastel Blue1950-55
Norse Blue1961
Light Navy1962-64
Dark Blue1959-60
Ivory (2)1961-62
Ivory (1)1950-58
Dover White1959-60
Rover White1963-64

P5 - Rover 3-LITRE colours

WHITERed, Blue, Green, Tan or Stone
STONE GREYRed, Blue, Green or Tan
STEEL BLUERed, Blue, Grey or Tan
PINE GREENGreen, Grey, Tan or Stone
MARINE GREYRed, Blue, Green, Grey, Tan or Stone
LIGHT NAVYBlue, Grey or Stone
JUNIPER GREENGrey, Green, Tan or Stone
CHARCOALRed, Blue, Green, Grey or Stone
BURGUNDYRed, Grey or Stone
BLACKRed, Blue, Green, Tan or Stone

A selection of two-tone combinations

(For two-tone combinations the first colour mentioned is the upper colour).

STONE GREY/JUNIPER GREEN (Coupe)Green, Grey, Tan or Stone
STONE GREY/BURGUNDY (Coupe)Red, Grey or Stone
STEEL BLUE/WHITE (Coupe)Red, Blue, Grey, Tan or Stone
PINE GREEN/STONE GREY (Coupe)Green, Tan or Stone
BLACK/MARINE GREYRed, Blue, Green, Grey or Tan
BLACK/CHARCOAL (Coupe)Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Tan or Stone

P6 - Rover 2000, Exterior colour > trim

WILLOW GREENBiscuit or Black
WHITETan, Black or Red
WEDGWOOD BLUEBiscuit, Black or Grey
CITY GREYBiscuit, Tan, Grey or Red

P6 - Rover 2000, Trims > Exterior colour

TrimExterior colour
TANWhite or City Grey
REDCity Grey or White
GREYCity Grey, Copperleaf Red or Wedgwood Blue
BLACKWhite, Wedgwood Blue or Willow Green
BISCUITCity Grey, Copperleaf Red, Wedgwood Blue or Willow Green

Exterior colours for Rover 3500S 1970

The codes were provided by Mike Erickson at TowerPaint to Glen Wilson some years ago.
You can reach Mike at: 800-779-6520 or e-mail at TP1@TowerPaint.Com

ExteriorMfr codeDupont codeAvailable from
Zircon Blue450838507L,D,V
Tobacco Leaf695438511L,D,V
Sage GreenN/A38517D,L,V
Mexican Brown845138519A,L,D,V
Davos White797338514A,L,D,V
Corsica Blue756238512D,L,V
Cameron Green845338520A,L,D,V
Burnt Gray488838508K,D,L,V
Brigade Red756538513D,L,V
Arden GreenN/A38509L,D,V

Code: D - Dulux Alkyd base enamel, L - Lucite Acrylic lacquer, V - Vinyl Paint (low, med or high gloss, A - Centari Acrylic Enamel, K - Chromabase-basecoat/ clearcoat color only

Here you can buy the right colours

Jim Walters in Canada have a car paintshop that uses ICI paint. He has a lot of Rover formulas from way back when, and can surely find the right colour for almost any Rover.
Mail Jim Walters a question, and he can send a sample, or a tin of the original ICI paint.

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Rover 2000 oil filters

Fram lists these numbers in their "Master Catalog" from 1995 as interchanging with the PH 2821A oil filter for the Rover 2000.

Listing thanks to Duane

New Holland505511
International Parts Services4-1047
General Motors25011131, 25011133
FiaamFT4403, FT4790
Caterpillar9Y-4479, 694229
British Leyland554329, GEE-135, GFE-116
AC-DelcoPF42, PF939, SC, X16, X21

Rover waterpumps

These numbers are thanks to Duane Kennard, with email-address:

Here are TRW #s for the water pumps that fit P6B & SD1:

For P6B:
TRW # FP 1318 - Short nose, for Buick 300; 340. Around $50 new
GMB # 130-1420
The GMB is genuine Japanese mfg. and the casting is even nicer than TRW's, (new units, not rebuilt) and even less costly at about $40.

For SD1:
TRW # FP 1448 - Long nose, for '70s Buick V6 & V8s. $30 new

Rebuilt units are even less money. The short nose one goes for $16 from a local parts house.

All these pumps have all water outlets in the right places for the Rover engine. Don't try to use the one for the 215 Buick; it doesn't.
They are easily found at any parts house in the US, and are very inexpensive. Any parts house can cross reference the TRW #. These pumps come with a 4 bolt fan & pulley mounting flange, & I use a junk yard located pulley from either an old Ford or Buick. (I've used both) If a viscous "fan clutch" is wanted, it may be possible to swap the 4 bolt flange for the Rover drive flange, as I think the shaft is the same OD. I prefer to use a "flex fan" with the 4 bolt flange.

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Most P6 and P6B rubber parts is remanufactured

Stephen Walker of S & G Walker (in the UK), has remanufactured the OEM type door rubber where steel is cast into the cast rubber door waist rubber. In his 1996 catalogue he had them priced at 72 pounds for a set of four. Currently, that would be CDN$172.80 without shipping and GST. Jonathan Wadhams (also in the UK) offers a set of rubber-strip silicon rubber without the metal strip for 4.50 pounds each or CDN43.20 without shipping and GST.
Personally, I don't fool around. I order mine from Roverco (whoops, sorry, Scott's Old Auto Rubber) in Melbourne, Australia for AUS$79.00 for a set of 4 precut. The latest batch have the required holes punched out just like the original. I like the thickness so I don't need a metal strip to add another rust problem. I also like to be able to radius the strip to exactly match the window fram after it's installed. That works out to about CDN$79.00 for the set as the dollar is about par.

S & G Walker; Telephone the UK at (1245) 460214; FAX: (1245) 450233 *********
J.R. Wadhams; Telephone the UK at (1384) 393008, FAX: (1384) 396115 *********
Scott's Old Auto Rubber in Australia at (03) 9563 3023 ********

I used Scott's to replace all the rubber on the current 1970 2000 TC. The front windscreen rubber used to be preformed for the OEM production models. The difference with the extrusion is the outside bends at the top of the glass. In the OEM or molded rubber, the bends lay down on the roof without trouble. The extruded bends want to lift at that point. I solved the problem for ME, by using black silcone rubber sealant, two C-Clamps and bits of wood. I sealed and left the clamped wood for a week. I have had no problem since --- touch that wood!
Eric Russell

The Rubber Jacking Plugs can be bought from
Price $4:50 Australian each
Part No: 361978
Scotts Old Auto Rubber
P.O Box 107
Oakleigh 3166

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P6 and SD1 Wheels

Rover P6 and SD1 use the same wheels, but are not so easy to find . The stud patern is among the largest around, in fact the only other vechicle they will fit is an Austin 1800.
There are only a couple of after market wheels around . Your friendly local tyre dealer should be able to help.
A very nice wheel was fitted to the English 1985 on VDP and Vitesse and are 15".
The Superlite Co in UK can make the wheels you want.

Wheels that fit:
Austin 1800
Austin-Healy 3000
Buick - LeSabre, Centurion, Riviera, Electra 1935 to 1987
- DeVille and Fleetwood, 1939 to 1989
- SeVille 1977 to 1979
Chevrolet -3/4 ton vans
Chevrolet - Bel Air, Biscayne, Impala, Caprice, Kingswood 1971 to 1976
- above with HD package wagons 1977 to 1989
- Blazer 2WD 1971 to 1983
Chrysler Imperial 1967 to 1971
Ford LTD 1973 to 1975
- Thunderbird 1972 to 1976
- Galaxie, LTD, Custom 1973 to 1978
Lincoln, all except Versailles, 1960 to 1967 and 1973 to 1979
- all 1955 to 1060
- Cougar, XR7 1973 to 1977
Oldsmobile - all fullsize RWD, 1940 to 1997
Packard - all 1951 to 1955
Pontiac - all fullsize RWD from 1940 to 1986

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There is one problem with fitting SD1 Mags to P6B .That is the front hub grease cap that has too large a diameter for the center hole in the wheel.
However there are two solutions to this problem:
1. Get the hole enlarged slightly and have a small rebate milled in the back to cleat the grease cap.
2. The easy way is to remove the original grease cap on the P6 that is a press fit over the outside of the hub, and replace it with an SD1 cap that fits inside the hub. It may need a little stretching to give a tight fit. There is nothing more to do, the Mag wheels stay standard.

<I>This P6 has wheels from a Buick Riviera.</I>
This P6 has wheels from a Buick Riviera.

Spokes for a P6

<I<These wheels belongs to CG Ohlsson in Malmö, Sweden</I>

<I>This is how they look at his 2200TC.</I>
This is how they look at his 2200TC.

Rover SD1 fuel filters

PurelatorPFC 221
M+HWK 613
KnechtFB 724
Bosh71 015 0 450 905 002-850

SD1 parts

Flexible steering coupling for SD1, SE & VDP = same as Peugot 504, but heaps cheaper.
Rear hatch struts for above models = Ford Falcon bonnet (hood) p/n XFF406A10A.
Fuel pump (in tank) SD1 carb model = GM Commodore VL EFI pickup pump p/n something like 6331303
Oil pressure switch SE & VDP = GMH Commodore range (Hella) better and cheaper
Bulb failure indicator SD1/SE/VDP = GMH WB Statesman.
Clutch master cylinder = Morris Marina, but imperial threads and shorter pushrod.
5 speed reverse light switch = Morris Marina again, the whole marina is usually selling for $10 more than above items but don't even think about it :-).
Regards Kevin

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Ignition switch for P76P76 ignition

The ignition switch located on the rear of the key lock (the electrical part of the unit) is now very old and starting to fail. I have gone through 3 in 4 weeks.
Research has tracked down the original which came from a CH Chrysler/Valiant and Ranger Station Wagon (1970 - 72).
Small supplies of this rare item are still available from Mitsubishi Dealers but when existing stocks are used up, that's that.
The part number is MI-3711445. at a list price of $131:76 (no, the cents figure is not a joke). Modification is required but it is small and simple.
There are two differences between the Leyland part and the Chrysler part.
1. Large blue wire on Leyland part is light blue - Chrysler is Dark blue.
2. Leyland plug is round terminals in moulded rubber plug - Chrysler part uses spade terminals in square plastic plug. Cut off old plug and re solder to new wires. Easy!!
It is advisable to also roll the metal edges of the switch case over the plastic end and coat edges with Araldite to prevent the plug coming apart. They have a bad habit of doing this.
From: Barry Levarde, N.T. P76 Owners Club, Darwin

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Engine mounts

Here's a tip about engine mounts from Noel Howard in the USA, that I have taken from the Rovernet: Some time ago a chap who drives a P6 in international rallies wrote an article in 'P6 News', remarking that he had used Ford engine mounts on his rally car and that they were stronger than the originals. I was subsequently contacted by someone in the States who needed mounts for his restoration.
Eventually I was able to buy them from a UK Ford dealer.
The engine mounts which can be used to replace the Rover 2000/2200 ones have the Ford part number FMU6140218. I understand from Fredie Preston, who has rallied his Rover 2000 in a number of international events, that some minor work is needed to get these parts to fit. The mounting hole centres have to bealtered, but that it can be done in a few minutes with a file.
These parts cost 7.49 GBP (that was in the summer 1995) + 17.5% tax each.
Noel Howard.(P6 Owners' Club, 4 cylinder engine tech advisor)

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