Rover 200

The above (right) 216S is my own car, a 1987 D registered example. It has covered 116000 miles now, 24000 of which have been with me as the owner. In this time, the only repairs it has required have been a small amount of welding on the sills.
Mechanically, and cosmetically, it is in A1 condition for its age, and always starts first time, without any problems in the mornings. I intend to keep the car for quite some time yet, and would only consider getting another car if it was considerably better in many respects than this one.
Perhaps the car that could tempt me away from my 216S would be a mint condition 216Vitesse Efi. For now though, this is perfect for me!

John Higginbotham, Stockport, UK

<I>Johns 216S from the side. </I>
Johns 216S from the side.

Introduced in 1984 the Rover 200 was the first "Honda-Rover". It was basically a Honda Ballade, known as Honda Quintet in Asia and America, with some Rover modifications. It was sold with either a 1342 cc Honda-engine or a 1598 cc Rover-engine.
The 2nd series Rover 200/400-series, 1990 to 1995 models, was based on the Honda Concerto and now the 1.6 Rovers did use Honda engines.
In summer 1995 two new models were introduced, a smaller 200-series and
the 400 in the size of the "old" 200/400-series. The 400 shares a floor pan and some body pressings with Honda Civic.

Rover 216 Vitesse

This 216 Vitesse belongs to Tom Baelemans in Belgium. According to himself it will soon fall apart . .


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Uppdaterat 2009-03-27

Tata buys Land Rover and the Roverbrand

In March 2008 the heavily indebted Ford Company sold their British prestigious carmakers Jaguar and Land Rover along with the Rover Brand, the Daimler brand and the Lanchester brand.

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