Rover 200

Rover 200 interior

The new 200-series came as a 1997 model.

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Length, overall: 3,97m
Width, overall: 1,89 m
Height: 1,42 m
Wheelbase: 1,47 m
Engine, 1,4-litre: 1396 cc, 4 cylinders, DOHC with electronic fuelinjection, programmed firing, hydralic valve-lifting. Compression 10,0:1, 103 hp at 5500 rev/minute, max torque 127 Nm at 2500 rev/minute.
Max speed: 185 km/h

Engine, 1,8-litre: 1796 cc, 4 cylinders, DOHC with Variable Valve Control, MEMS 2J enginecontrol system. Compression 10,5:1. 145 Hp at 6750 rev/minute, max torque 174 Nm at 4000 rev/minute.
Max speed: 205 km/h


Did you know

During the war, from 1940 to 1945, there was no civilian production at the Rover factories.


Uppdaterat 2009-03-27

Tata buys Land Rover and the Roverbrand

In March 2008 the heavily indebted Ford Company sold their British prestigious carmakers Jaguar and Land Rover along with the Rover Brand, the Daimler brand and the Lanchester brand.

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