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A 375 hp V8!
Diesel-engine in an MG!


MG X Power is Launched

On the 26th April this year, the worlds press were invited to the premiere of the MG Motorsport programme.
The new programme has been branded X Power after the EX designations used to identify MG prototypes in the past. X Power is also a company responsible for the design and development of the racing cars and the more extreme versions of the MG roadgoing saloons.
The new logo appears in very prominent positions on all of the racing cars.The event was also used to showcase the almost production ready versions of the Rover based MG saloon cars.


Three new motorsport cars and their teams were presented:
The Lola Le Mans Car (EX 257), developed by racing specialists AER, of which 2 examples were to compete for a short period at Le Mans, until they both retired through engine trouble after 3 and 4.5 hours running respectively.
The Rover 25 (ZR) rally car (EX258), which is currently undergoing testing in the experienced hands of ex British Rally Champion Gwyndaf Evans. Based heavily around the Rover 25 with a 1.6 litre K Series engine producing 200bhp, it is being developed by the UK based company GSE motorsport. It also features a 6 speed sequential gearbox and single plate ceramic clutch. The bodyshell is fully stiffened through a welded in roll cage and full seam welding.
The first rally to be entered will be the Cardiff based *Rally GB' on November 22nd.
The third car of this trio was the Rover 45 based (ZS) BTCC Saloon Car (EX 259). Also developed by AER for MG Rover, 2 cars are being developed from 2 litre KV6 engined 45's , producing around 270 bhp at 8500rpm. These cars will also feature 6 speed sequential transmissions, driving through a triple plate sintered clutch. Both will compete in the last 3 rounds of the 2001 championship, starting at Silverstone on the 8th September as a shakedown for a full season next year.

Roadgoing MG Saloons

One example of each new Rover based MG saloon was also on view at the show. You may remember the plan to launch 3 versions of each car, with either basic, core or extreme performance features.
The cars shown represent the core of the range, and are anticipated to sell in the highest volumes overall.
The Rover 25 based MG ZR was shown, in 160 bhp form, with MG badging, new alloy wheels, colour coded bodywork and more aerodynamic aids being the major visual differences to the Rover 25. Inside, the new sportily trimmed interior and MG badging distinguish it from it's Rover parentage. Under the skin, the major changes are to retuning the chassis, based on a further development from the Rover 200 BRM special edition cars of 1998, plus the MGF Trophy derived 160bhp engine.
The Rover 45 based MG ZS follows a similar theme, but has 180 bhp, this time, derived from the 2.5litre Rover KV6. It is also easily distinguished from it's Rover 45 counterpart by MG badging, new alloy wheels, colour coded bodywork an enormous rear bootlid mounted spoiler.
The Rover 75 based MG ZT also follows the same theme, but this time extracts 190 bhp from the 2.5 litre K Series V6 engine. A 'touring' version of the car was also shown, designated MG ZT-T.

Several versions

For each of the MG ranges, there are several versions.
The Entry version
The Core version
The Ultimate version
The Extreme version

Apart from badges to distinguish the models, each will have its own bodykit, spring/damper tuning and steering sensitivities.
Different engines and wheel/tyre sizes will differentiate specific variants.
Entry, Core and Ultimate are intended to be road cars, with the degree of engine tune increasing as you go up the range. All these models will go on sale in July.
Extreme models are Homologation Specials similar to the Mitsubishi Evo series or Subaru Imprezza Specials, to allow MG Rover to use the cars in touring car and rally championships. These models will be available in dealerships in the UK in Spring 2002 and may possibly be badged as Lolas, after the racing company engineering MGs competition cars.

Good old diesel!

Another revalation is the first ever use of a diesel engine in an MG. Yes, the venerable L-Series engine will be used in the X20 and X30 ranges to create a new MG niche a performance diesel! Engines will range from the 103bhp 1.4 litre K series in X30 to a 190bhp 2.5 KV6 in the X10 and X20. Plus the surprise addition of a 375bhp V8 in the X10 ultimate.

Paul Adkin

MG Monogram

Official picture
Official picture

On September 11th 2001 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, MG Rover Group released early details of their new Monogram programme.
Available across the entire MG and Rover ranges, the Monogram programme will offer a wide choice of carefully selected exterior paint colours, trim materials and technical components, thus enabling customers to personalise their vehicles.
The elements of this programme will be introduced on a progressive basis with completion planned for spring 2002.
Commenting on this initiative, John Sanders, group marketing director at MG Rover Group said: "The Monogram programme will encourage customers to express their individuality in the car they drive. It will incorporate a wide range of carefully chosen items to create a personal ambience."
Featured at the Frankfurt Motor Show were be the first vehicles to receive some elements of the Monogram treatment. A Rover 25 was finished in Oxygen Blue with matching interior, the MG ZT XPower 385 was painted in Typhoon a new multi-colour pearlescent that flips from purple to green and the MG X80 was painted in Chromosphere another trichromatic colour whose spectrum turns from hot red to fiery orange.


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