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<I>Speedy SD1 </I>
Speedy SD1

by Adrian "Speedy 66" Friesen

To all of you doubters out there, I actually do drive my Rover from time to time. See the photo above as proof!
"Vancouver's Finest" caught me on film (my first ever Rover-at-speed shot) doing a maniacal speed of 66 km/h in a 50 zone.
Boy, do I ever feel bad. What a threat to society I am! We're talking kilometers here, and I drive backwards faster than 66.
I'm surprised the photo isn't blurred, 'cause I'm going so fast! But I must admire how composed my car looks, what with it doing such a high rate of speed...
Just for kicks, I followed the same route yesterday in my VW, to do some accurated measuring. Quite disappointed I was that there wasn't much traffic. While travelling at 50 km/h, 3 cars passed me at a tremendous rate of speed (at least 65 km/h!) and one of them had the nerve to sound his horn in passing... Tell me, who's the threat here, the guy going 66, with the flow of traffic, or the guy in the VW who is clearly obstructing traffic, and causing road rage?
I'm not saying I don't deserve this ticket, I drive a lot, and this is one of the costs of enjoying the cars I drive. But it upsets me to think of Vancouver's rising violent crime rate, and that just around the corner from where senior citizens are having their home invaded, the police are manning a speed trap...
I hope you get a kick out of my picture!

Adrian "Speedy 66" Friesen

<I>The same SD1 in a more calmful pose </I>
The same SD1 in a more calmful pose


When Adrian's not driving too fast in his SD1 he is driving fast in his VW Golf! But that's on the racingground!


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