Rover Gas Turbine Engines

<I>The engine with the driveplate in the center</I>
The engine with the driveplate in the center

These engines were used for a lot of purposes:

As a Leyland longhaulage truck engine
As a fire fighting water pump for NATO ships, delivering 500 gallons/min of water
Some passenger jet aircraft have them in the rear as the auxillar power generators
A strange but true use is told by one of the engineers on the P6 project: A marmalade factory somewhere in England used one to dry the residue from the factory so that when they trucked the waste to the tip it didn't drip all along the road leaving a stick mess behind.
The main use seems to have been as APU, Auxiliary Power Unit, which is used for generating electrical power.
And of course in the JET1, in Rover BRM and in Rover T4

<I>The badge at the intake ducts</I>
The badge at the intake ducts

The engine on the pictures here belongs to George Hamill, who is going to use it in his replica of the JET1 car.

The story is that it was originally supplied to Shell Research for lubrication testing and then to Dundee University, from where the previous owner had purchased it. It is sitting on a test rig frame and had obviously been connected to a dynonometer. Incidentally it is fitted with a P4 starter!
It has been identified as a 60 h.p. motor, similar to those used in fire pumps. It runs on paraffin.

Specificaations for this engine known as the 1560 engine:
60hp (45kW) continuous output at 3,000rpm output shaft.
At 3,000rpm output shaft = 46,000rpm Compressor and Turbine shaft.
Normal engine speed 30,000 to 46,000 rpm.
Maximum exhaust temp 610deg. C.

Here the black intake ducts are loosely attached. The engine seen from the side. The driveplate pointing to the left The engine with the Marauder Coupé. Two celebrities from the same era.


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Roverklubbens maskot,  Rover

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Den israeliske konstnären Ron Arrard stöpte om P6-stolen till modern konst. Paul Vissers har gjort ett bord av en Rover V8-motor.

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Rover i Rover

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