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When talking about Rovers sold in North America we talk about Federal or NADA cars. What does NADA stand for, North American Dollar Area is one suggestion, National Automobile Dealers Association is another.
There are some evidence, in original Rover documents, that they were refering to North American Dollar Area.
Here you can have a look at Robert Arnold's Federal/NADA car.
Now here's a description of National Automobile Dealers Association from Rovernetter Kevin Dempsey:

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) serves and represents the retail car and truck dealer, dealership managers and employees.
NADA was born in 1917 when a group of dealers set out to change the way Congress viewed automobiles. Thirty (30) dealers from state and local associations went to Washington D.C. to convince the U.S. Congress that cars weren't luxuries as they had been classified, but were vital to the economy.
Today NADA's membership totals more than 19,400 domestic and import franchised members. The NADA is located in two buildings, one in the Washinton, D.C. suburb of McLean, Virginia, the other on Capitol Hill in the District of Columbia. More information on the National Automobile Dealers Association may be obtained from their website http://www.nada.com I must add that no where on their website was there any reference made to North American Dollar Area.
If any rovernetter has an official document containing this nomenclature I would appreciate a faxed copy to (770) 716-8376. Having worked for a British Leyland/ Jaguar Rover Triumph dealership (who was a NADA member) from 1978 until their demise in late 1981, I was fortunate enough to haul away everything from the showroom floor to the body shop upon franchise termination. Nowhere in any of my inventory of shop manuals, parts manuals, parts microfiche, special tool catalogues, technical service bulletins, or parts & accessories bulletins have I been able to find a NADA anything.
There are plenty of references made to North American Specification (NAS) and Federal specification vehicles. Again any copy of an authentic factory document with this reference to North American Dollar Area would be appreciated for my archives. Thanks.
Kevin Dempsey Dealer Development - Atlanta Zone - DaimlerChrysler Motors Corp.

A list of differences between NADA 2000's and 3500's:

1. 3500's were available only with automatic transmissions, the 2000TC's were all manuals, while 2000 SC's were available with manuals or automatics.
2. NADA cars had dual circuit brakes after '67.

3. NADA cars had different timing, and emissions controls. We got HS8 carbs instead of HD8s after '67.

4. NADA cars had side stripes made from stainless steel, and trapezoidal reflectors behind the front signals and in front of the rear signals.

5. NADA 2000's were outfitted either with leather-faced or vinyl seats and manual windows. 3500's here had electric windows and box pleated ambla vinyl seats, and had storage bins on the doors.

6 US market cars were fitted with Rover-Delanair air conditioning, which replaced the central console area that normally fitted the radio. Radios were fitted in the driver's side glove box, which was screwed shut.
Canadian-market cars had the passenger side glove box replaced with an air-con unit of different manufacture, and the radio remained where it was.

7. NADA cars were available in colors not seen anywhere else. April Yellow comes to mind.

8 NADA P6's were mainly series 1's with aluminum grilles and without vinyl roofs or velour interiors. A few series 2 cars also found their way to the NADA-area. We never got the later 3500S with the manual transmissions, or 2200 cc 4 cylinder engines.

9. NADA cars had Icelerts, an ingenious system to determine the air temperature (to detect possible ice on the ground)

10. Sealed beam headlights.

11. Bumpers are wrap-around, with rubber-faced overriders.

If there's anything else that marks a NADA P6 2000 as different from an UK version, just append this list.
This list - thanks to Alex Muentz, economist at large


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Den israeliske konstnären Ron Arrard stöpte om P6-stolen till modern konst. Paul Vissers har gjort ett bord av en Rover V8-motor.

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