Ian's rally P6

<I>Ian och hans vänner kör rally med sin standard P6:a.</I>
Ian och hans vänner kör rally med sin standard P6:a.

Ians egen berättelse:
When I crashed the Cyclops rally car into a railway bridge in Ireland in 2000, I already had paid for an entry on the Circuit of Ireland Retro a fortnight later. I searched the cheap ads in the local newspaper for a low priced car that was eligible - I even considered an Allegro!
Common-sense prevailed and I bought the P6 for £750 and went and did the event. Amazingly, despite it being a 'gutless wonder' we came 28th overall and 4th in class!
The Cyclops was so badly damaged we are having to put a new chassis under it so there was no option but to use the P6 for Le Jog, which is the toughest rally of ANY type in the UK.
At Aviemore in Scotland we were lying 18th overall and leading the class by over 1000 penalties from a fully rally-prepared BMW 2002 Turbo. The German crew were not impressed! However, fifty miles from the end we ran a rear wheel bearing and had to limp to the finish. This dropped us to second in class and 28th overall. Still, not bad for an absolutely standard car. We even run with hubcaps, and a bowler hat, a rolled umbrella, and a copy of the Financial Times on the rear parcel shelf.
You can read about Le Jog at www.hero.org.uk. Incidentally, the third place in class F1 was the P6 V8 of Ken Edwards, so two of the first three in the class were Rovers!
Ian Glass

Alla bilderna är tagna under Land's End to John O'Groat's Reliabibilty & Toruing Trail 2 - 5 december 2000


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Roverklubbens maskot,  Rover

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Den israeliske konstnären Ron Arrard stöpte om P6-stolen till modern konst. Paul Vissers har gjort ett bord av en Rover V8-motor.

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