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<I>This car belonged to John Wheater of York, UK in the 1990:ies. Here is his story about the car: </I>
This car belonged to John Wheater of York, UK in the 1990:ies. Here is his story about the car:

JLY 575 was built 27 August 1947 but not registered until 1 June 1948 why there was such a long gap at a time when it was very difficult to buy new cars I have not been able to ascertain. However, I do know who was the first owner of the car; Captain G.E.T. Eyston, holder of the World Land Speed Record in 1937 and 1938 the last run being at 357 m.p.h. The car was the Thunderbolt, built to his specification with two Rolls Royce piston engines producing 43,000 b.h.p.
No-one knows just how many records he took altogether as there were so many but, although he died in 1979 it is acknowledged that he holds the record for holding the most records which included many records at Brooklands, first over 100 m.p.h. in a 750cc car (MG), 24 hours, the pre-war diesel record in a car powered by an AEC London Bus engine (!) After the war he managed the MG record team which broke many records at Utah with Stirling Moss and Phil Hill driving.
So, that was JLY 575's first owner, since then it has had many, it spent the eighties in Northern Ireland, but they must all have been sympathetic as the car is largely original. There is only one very small patch welded on the inner sill of the passenger side and, apart from this, all the other metal is original. As far as I am able to tell the car has never been restored although , as you can see from the photos it is in excellent condition.
The only thing that doesn't work is the Luvax lubricating system which has been replaced with grease nipples.
The interior has been extensively refurbished at mammoth cost (before I bought the car) in Bedford Cord. This was the original specification for the car (leather was an optional extra just after the war) and I am able to confirm this as I had the original build ticket.

John Wheater


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Roverklubbens maskot, Rover

Roverklubbens maskot,  Rover

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Den israeliske konstnären Ron Arrard stöpte om P6-stolen till modern konst. Paul Vissers har gjort ett bord av en Rover V8-motor.

Rover i Rover

Rover i Rover

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P5B var den första Rover som blev "anställd" som minister-tjänstebil 1968.

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