SD1 Racing-cars

All these pictures were taken by John Colley, during a number of years photografer for the Rover Company. His special mission was to cover the Rover competition cars. John has given the Rover Club of Sweden a special admission to publish these pictures.

This picture is from a rally for famous people. It's the F1 world champion Nigel Mansell driving this SD1. Tony Pond driving a SD1 during the Isle of Manx-rally in 1985. The SD1-cars were fast also at narrow gravel-roads. Here it's Tony Pond in action again. All instruments were exchanged, all unnecessary equipment thrown out - but the wooden panels were still there in the racing-cars SD1 Fire tenders were ready in case of accidents.


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Uppdaterat 2009-03-27

Tata buys Land Rover and the Roverbrand

In March 2008 the heavily indebted Ford Company sold their British prestigious carmakers Jaguar and Land Rover along with the Rover Brand, the Daimler brand and the Lanchester brand.

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