Rover 214 Special

Nigel Fyfe's 214 from 1990.
Nigel Fyfe's 214 from 1990.

Nigel Fyfe is an Englishman living in Holland. He has a Rover 214 GSI Rover Special Product custom built by Rover. It is from december 1990 and has been totally rebuilt see below for more information. Nigel has more information and pictures of the car here

Engine: 4-cyl 1396cc 16V 96bhp
* weight: 1045 kg
* 0-100 in 11sec
* topspeed 190 km/h
* built in: Dec.1990 1400cc 16v
* tyres: 205-45-16 Typhoon
* color: steel grey
* Bleu striping instead of red
* Rover-logo on windscreen
* MG-F white side repeaters
* MG-F rearview mirror
* Silver dail set
* Bleu interiour and dash lights
* De-locked front passenger door
* 16" Borbet c-type wheels 7,5J
* Pioneer DEH-2100R 4x40w radio/cd
* Pioneer TS-G1640 120w frontspeakers
* Pioneer TS-1344 80w rearspeakers
* Kenwood KFC-WF303 subwoofer
* SXA 400w Amp(bass only)
* Tinted the rear windows (limo-black)
* Fitted top-rear-window-spoiler
* Fitted XM 140cm boot spoiler
* Lowered the front by 25mm
* Bleu alu pedals
* Quintezz radardetector :o)
* Hapé carkit for Nokia 3210
* and some carbon dash-thingies....

Massive engine
Massive engine


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